The overall design itself looks very clean and aesthetic. If the red “Flame” color scheme doesn’t personally suit you, iJoy offers several other themes to choose from. Besides from the color, we definitely liked the look and feel. The slanted side ridges allowed us to easily grip the device, and served as natural dividers in-between the buttons. There’s also a small opening at the top, which with the included carabiner, lets you clip the device to something else. The device also felt light and small in our hands (1.4 lbs and 4.8 x 8.6 x 2.4 in), which definitely adds to its portability. We can imagine this being a useful speaker to bring around if you’re traveling light.

A big selling point of the iJoy Beach Bomb speaker is its waterproof capabilities, which in our opinion, is good. Heavy water spray has little effect on sound quality, which makes it perfect around pools, beaches, and showers. The device can float, and doesn’t get damaged if fully submerged. Although we can’t verify whether it is actually “Military Grade Shockproof, ” the speaker is definitely sturdy. It’s also very easy to clean, but the only issue we found was that water was prone to get stuck in between the black ridges on the back, as well as the screw holes. You could easily take this outdoors and not expect any damage.

Holding down the on button for 2-3 seconds turns on the device, and plays a short sound effect and activates a flashing blue LED. The Bluetooth range is about 31 feet, and pairing the speaker was easy (however it doesn’t support NFC, if you were wondering). The buttons are a bit awkward to press since they’re small and don’t stick out a lot. In addition, the device also comes with a micro USB to USB cable, and an aux cable.

We were satisfied with the sound quality: it sounds balanced and clear, and remains decent even while at higher volumes. The bass is alright for the iJoy Beach Bomb speaker’s size. The microphone wasn’t too bad, which provides for reasonable hands-free calls. There’s a thick plastic flap on the side that keeps water out of all the ports, while staying sleek. It has a 4.5 hour charging time and 4-6 hour playing time, which should be enough for the average listener.

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