When you think of a safe, you probably think of a thick, heavy, sturdy metal box with a huge dial in front to keep secure valuables like jewelry or cash. Although that is a very conventional and logical use for a safe, the iKeyp Pro tries to fill a different niche: it is meant for people who want light protection for small things like medicine. The whole basis of the product relies on an easy-to-use opening mechanism to allow you to quickly access items inside.

This unique purpose is even depicted even in the design. The plain white color scheme gives off a “minimalistic and techy” vibe when compared to bulkier, metallic safes. While a classic safe wouldn’t fit well in the open or look awkward on a countertop, this safe could easily fit in nicely wherever you put it. Considering the use-case for this product, that’s a good thing. And although this safe is not meant for storage, it is made of high quality plastic which can take a bit of a beating such as if the safe was dropped on the ground.

In terms of ease-of-use, getting the iKeyp Pro to work was fairly simple. In less than 5 minutes, we opened the safe with the provided key, inserted 4 AA batteries (not included), and turned the device on. After powering on the device, we continued to follow the instructions and set up a passcode. This is all that is necessary for “Offline Mode,” where the safe isn’t internet-connected and can only be unlocked/locked using the keypad on the front panel. Setting up the “Secure Installation” (the expandable wings that can allow you to securely fit the safe in a cabinet or drawer) was also easy.

Configuring the “Connected Mode” allowed us to use the iKeyp app to check the safe’s remaining charge, see notifications, and remotely operate the safe. While these features are not essential, they are useful if you use the safe on a daily basis and these features are what really make the iKeyp Pro shine. However, configuring this mode was a bit more difficult to set up since we had troubles getting the safe to properly connect to Wi-Fi, although with a bit of patience we finally got the safe to connect.

We found the safe to be relatively lightweight (~4.4 pounds) and sturdy enough for its size. If “Tamper Detection” was enabled, the device set off its alarm if we moved or tilted it, or kept the safe door open for too long. This definitely makes the safe much more secure without taking away from the “quick access” side of it and we found this feature to be quite purposeful. Also, attempts to use the keypad were recorded on the phone app. However it is important to note that the iKeyp Pro is made out of plastic, not metal. If somebody really wanted to break into it and steal something, a couple blows with a hammer would easily defeat the safe. If you need to store some highly valuable objects around public areas, this product will definitely not suffice. It also won’t sustain heavy water or fire damage which is another reason to not store valuables in the iKeyp Pro. Ultimately, this product is best suited for light protection of possessions which you need to frequently access, like medications. This type of simpler, daily home and office use is also what iKeyp recommends.

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