Fitness trackers are useful health devices that can track a wide range of health-rated details, like heart rate, sleep patterns, calories burned, and steps taken. They can also be connected to a smartphone, to record activity in a log and remind you with alarms and notifications.

We really liked the design! The screen was black, sleek, and shiny, which made the white text stand out better. The wristband’s material was black, soft rubber, which blended in with the screen and allowed us to wear the device comfortably for long periods of time. It was easy to fit the fitness tracker to our wrists, and then take them off. Overall, the aesthetics definitely appeals to modern and minimalist tastes. J-Style also offers green and pink versions of this fitness tracker if you would prefer them.

By default, the watch’s screen is blank, and swiping across cycles through all the data. The first screen tells you the time, data, battery charge, and Bluetooth status. Other screens include distance traveled, calories burned, steps taken, and the total progress towards the day’s workout. This data is useful in tracking workout intensity and better future planning. The phone app allows you to change from kilometers to miles, and time from 12-hour to 24-hour.

For the most part, the smartphone app itself was good. The layout was simple, and we could find all the options for activity monitoring, sleep, notifications, and personal settings. We could make workout plans, and see all the information from the watch. We were most impressed by the notifications: we were able to select from a wide variety of apps (calls, texts, WeChat, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, QQ) that would make the watch rumble and light up accordingly if they received a notification. This is great for people who want to stay focused on their exercise while simultaneously being alert of important notifications.

It was easy for us to connect the device to Bluetooth, however, one big issue was that we frequently had to wait in order for the activity log to sync. Another inconvenience was the heart rate monitoring: it could only be activated by the phone app, and it could only be displayed on the phone, and not the fitness tracker itself. The reading was also sometimes inaccurate. However, this is mostly an issue for wrist monitors in general, since they can’t reach the accuracy of chest strap monitors, which directly analyze the electrical patterns of the heart to find your heart rate.

Overall, the J-Style SmartFit is an excellent device for its price. It offers a lot of the core features of the popular FitBit watches, for only a fraction of the cost. This includes heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, alarms, clocks, activity logs, notifications, etc. Although these features are not as fine-tuned nor as reliable as those of the other fitness watches, they work well enough for the common person. Those who want extremely accurate data and more advanced features (GPS tracking, music control, etc) will have to buy more expensive watches.

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