We don’t make bold negative statements at the start of review very often but this is an exception. Coming in at $26 the Lobkin bluetooth earbuds have little to offer as far as bluetooth earbuds go.

When we unboxed the earbuds, supposedly new, we found the buds were all scuffed all around. This is completely unacceptable and when we contacted the company about this issue they did not respond. However, this isn’t the only unappealing this about the earbuds. Lobkin decided to add magnets to the end of their buds in order to keep them together when disconnected but the issue is that they have a very weak attraction and pull apart easily. Not only are the magnets useless, but they cause the bud driver to protrude out quite a bit from the ears which makes them uncomfortable since the driver becomes so heavy and bulky. 

In terms of Bluetooth connectivity, we found the Lobkin bluetooth earbuds to also be lacking.  During our tests, we found that it took quite a while to pair your phone with the earbuds and pairing was inconsistent. Also, the name of the device is not intuitively named when pairing with your device since they show as “S8”. While this is a minor annoyance at most, it’s just another sign that these earbuds are the run-of-the-mill cheaply made earbuds since many other cheap Chinese bluetooth earbuds are named quite awkwardly as well.  When you do manage to pair successfully, you are greeted with a broken English message “Welcome to use intelligent voice control headphones.” This incoherent message is consistent with all the other voice cues programmed in which is yet another sign of these earbuds being the classic knockoff cheap kind. 

The Lobkin bluetooth earbuds are very uncomfortable with the poorly designed ear hooks. While ear hooks can add comfort to the earbud wearing experience and make them more usable when you are very mobile such as during a workout or sport these ear hooks simply make the earbuds uncomfortable.  The problem stems from the fact that they are just an extension of the wire and, therefore, fit roughly. When we tested out the earbuds, we found that they had a hard time staying on our ears especially when running or doing exercise.

The Lobkin blueooth earbuds do live up to their claimed 4-5 battery life but that’s about the best hardware you are getting. The quality of the microphone was quite low with background white noise easily being picked up and a soft but still distinct static noise heard on the receiving end. The media buttons are placed in an awkward position which makes reaching them quite difficult while in use and even more so when using them while moving around. The buttons do work well and you are able to skip or go to previous tracks, lower and raise the volume, and play/pause with your classic 3 button setup. The sound on the earbuds are what you would expect for $26 with average bass and identifiable treble but while listening you will pick up some background noise.

CONCLUSION (TL;DR): While we don’t expect bluetooth earbuds priced around the 20-30 dollar range to be exceptionally great, these earbuds were still a serious letdown. Right out from the box they seemed used and in terms of software and hardware, the earbuds were downright uncomfortable. The earbuds are uncomfortable to wear and fall out quite easily during sports or other mobile activities and pairing can be quite tedious. The sound quality is decent and what you could expect but that’s one of the only things that this product has going for it. Do yourself a favor and pick some other pair of bluetooth earbuds to buy, there are some other options that are great even in this price range.

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