The first thing I noticed was the black and gold color scheme–this isn’t as common, and definitely, gives off a “luxurious” vibe. Getting the case on was fairly easy, but removing it was difficult. The clear back showed the phone well and felt smooth and clear. However, when unboxing, I did notice one small scratch on the underside. Unlike other cases, the Pelican Ambassador has raised bezels on both sides of the phone. Because the bezels were slightly tall and not very rounded, I found the phone case to be a bit too bulky for my taste. This is evident by its weight of 5 ounces, which is more than other phone cases.

Holding the phone didn’t feel as “smooth” as other smaller, flatter cases. One thing that stands out is the power button–it’s large and the gold color stands out against the black sides. While it didn’t bother me, some people might find it to be too flashy. The cutouts were of generous size and could fit most cables.

However, Pelican’s main emphasis is the protection. The dual raised bezels add extra security against falls, scratches, and cracks. If the phone were to fall, it would land on the tall bezels instead of the phone itself. The product boasts the “HPX™ Shock Absorption System,” which redirects force away from the phone. It felt very rugged and sturdy in my hand. Pelican advertises the military’s “MIL-STD 810G” level of drop protection, although since no central organization certifies this standard, it may not be certain. Nevertheless, the Ambassador case felt safe and reliable in guarding an iPhone 6s/7. In summary, the Pelican Ambassador looks stylish and offers decent protection, but at the cost of extra size and weight.

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