Frequent travelers will often have to juggle several devices in countries with different voltages. The Poweradd USB Wall Charger is a simple and lightweight solution to this problem. I first noticed its size and weight; at 5.6 ounces and 1.37 x 1.85 x 3.93 inches, the Poweradd charger is extremely portable. You can easily fit it in your pocket. The smooth edges and surface make it easy to plug in and rotate. The light green and white color scheme looks very clean, and will surely compliment “eco-friendly” building designs for use at home. Although I was never fond of this style, the Poweradd charger still looks great.

It’s a “smart” USB charger, meaning that it will automatically detect your device’s charging needs and deliver electricity up to 3.4 amps (17 watts) per port. The Poweradd charger supports a voltage range from 100 to 240V, which allows you to use it almost everywhere in the world (however you would need to buy specific adapters for some countries, which are not included). It also functions as a surge protector, which will prevent electronics from frying during voltage spikes. I also found the charging speed to be fast.

Another plus is its 360 degree swivel capabilities. Combined with its small size, this allowed me to keep another power socket open, and have two USB ports open at special angles (up, down, and sideways). Families who may have to charge multiple phones at crowded airport outlets will undoubtably benefit. My only complaint is that it’s somewhat difficult to rotate the charger while not it’s plugged in.

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