These days, we’re constantly using our smartphones and other electronic devices, and likewise, we’re constantly draining them too. This becomes a problem when you’re on the road and far away from any power sockets. Luckily, car chargers are an inexpensive and convenient way to charge a wide variety devices and keep them going on long car rides.

The design was simple and modest, like most other USB car chargers. It had just a black color scheme with a blue LED at the top. Also, like most other car chargers, the Wintekd one included both a Micro USB charger cable (which can charge almost all Android devices), as well as a USB port (can charge both Android and Apple products). This makes it possible to charge up to two devices at once, which is useful for families which multiple smartphones or tablets. The Micro USB cable is 3.3 feet, which makes it comfortable to handle in the passenger seat.

The device was easy to use: just plug it into the car, and the blue LED will light up. We drove around for a couple minutes and charged a ZTE Axon A1 with its stock USB cable. We also used a USB Safety Tester to check the car charger’s exact speeds. The device’s voltage hovered around 5.0V, which was exactly what Wintekd advertised. However, the amperage was only around 1.04A, and the wattage around 5.2W. This was definitely lower than the touted maximum of 3.4A/17W. It was also worse than plugging the stock USB cable into the wall, which clocked in at around 9V/1.2A/11W.

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